About Us

Partners for Sourcing, Marketing, Quality Control, Consistency

Textile Marketing Corporation is a privately owned company providing specialized global sourcing services in the textile sector. Over the last three decades, the company has been expanding and building its reputation as the most reliable partner for both buyers and suppliers of textile products.
Our core business philosophy revolves around long term business relation and customer’s satisfaction. We aim to achieve this by emphasizing on quality control & consistency, timely shipments, competitive prices backed by professional after sales service. Since its inception, we have the policy of building alliances with buyers and suppliers, and in this way our company has been able to carve the way to boundless dimensions.


Today, Textile Marketing Corporation

is a simple solution for all textile requirements from raw material to finished products. With a dedicated team of members operating from different locations across the globe we are serving customers based in Asia, Europe and USA/Canada.


We have been promoting new textile products by providing guidance in all stages. Our strength does not lie in just trading the products, it is the knowledge and experience we have in this industry.


Our main object is to help the customer to achieve productivity and quality in a planned way to face the competition in an open world market without risk and tension.


Providing customer with result oriented solutions and know how about worlds latest technologies which helps the customer to increase cost effectiveness and productivity levels.

Working Nature

Strategic Marketing & Resource Optimization.

Highly professional Customer oriented approach help us source complete range of textile services to our clients and associates.

More specially, the services are selection of raw materials, Production Control Process, Testing, Prior Shipment Inspection, Arbitration and Settlements, We acting as Agent and representing of various kind of yarn (carded and combed) for numerous manufacturers throughout the country. Settlement, Execution & Overseeing of contracts between the buyers and the sellers of textile products at various stages.

“Market intelligence information and assistance in making the right buying decisions.”

“100% in-line and pre-shipment inspections to ensure standardization and consistency”


“Constant monitoring of production line to ensure timely shipments”


“Development of new products”


“Follow up of shipments’ status to ensure the deadlines are met”