Textile Marketing Corporation

Pioneer in textile service provider since 1991

Textile Marketing Corporationis a privately owned company providing specialized global sourcing services in the textile sector since 1991 as the most reliable partner for both buyers and suppliers of textile products.

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All types of Cotton and Blended yarn.

Yarn division is operating since 1990, serving both domestic and international customers based in Asia, Europe and Americas.


Home Textile Products

TMC is a leading Company in sourcing of home textile products.

We can offer Bed sheets, Duvet covers, Pillow cases, Cushions, Curtains, Bed covers in different fibers including cotton, blends of poly cotton, organic cotton and bamboo in solid dyed or prints as per customers’ requirements.


Terry Towel & Bath Robes

TMC is a leading Company in sourcing of home terry towel products.

We can offer solid and yarn Dyed Towels , Beach Towels, Bathmats, Bath Robe, Dobby /Jacquard towels, embroidered and embellished towels lines with 100 % Cotton Carded, Combed, Organic cotton, Egyptian cotton, Pima Cotton, Zero Twist, Hollow yarns, Bamboo and Modal.


Fabrics for Home Textiles

Narraow Width fashion wear and word wear fabric.

Twills, Drills, BFG, Ribs top, Canvas, Stretch Fabrics, Dobby Structured Fabrics, Poplins, Cotton and Poly Cotton and CVC fabrics in 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, BFC



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